March 15, 2012

The tale of the Mittens

One day a few weeks back, I needed to go shopping. This day was a rather ugly day, as slush was raining down from the sky. So, to prepare for the cold on my car ride to the store, I donned my fish hat and Newfie mittens.
I had two stops to make on this particular outing, one at Walgreens, and one at Copps, a local grocery store. Now, these two stores are quite close to each other, and upon leaving the Walgreens, I decided to not wear my mittens as I would only be in the car for a brief period.
Anyways, I read Copps and start to do my shopping. About half way through I realize that my mittens are no where in sight. I search my pockets, bag, and shopping basket. No luck. I then figure that I must have left them in the car. I continue my shopping and leave the store.
I get to the car and drop off the groceries, and then start to look for my mittens.
I can't find them.
I go back into the store and look. No luck. I ask the service desk. No luck.
I give up looking for the day.
Two days later I decided to give it another try. I ask both stored if they had my mittens in their lost and found. They did not. I looked all over the parking lots, as I might have dropped them whilst trying not to step in the slushiest part of the lot. There were not mittens to be found.
It was then that I decided to deem them MIA, presumed dead. :(

Having greatly loved these mittens, I decided to make another pair. Hopefully they will serve me as dearly as did my previous pair. Here is what they look like:

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