March 22, 2012


I have been recently been zooming round the internet and found a couple of different knitting tutorials for things I hadn't tried before, so decided to see what they were all about.

One was double knitting, which has always seems super helpful for making nice looking scarfs. So I gave double knitting a try. It was pretty easy, but I tended to knit a little loose. These are my results:

I also did some intarsia, which is more difficult than double knitting. I probably did a more intricate pattern for having it be my first try, but it turned out alright. One thing about intarsia that is frustrating is that there are sooooo many loose ends and bits of yarn! It's crazy! Anyways, here is my tester piece:

The back is super messy! Not something you would want to have showing. But it was a very useful thing to learn as I have often run into issues working with multiple colors that this method would solve.

1 comment:

  1. I love intarsia SO. MUCH.
    The ends can be annoying, but it is so good for colour blocks knit flat. Eliminates the awkward tension that stranding can cause!

    Haven't tried double-knitting yet, cause I have yet to be inspired by a pattern using it. Maybe one day.