October 18, 2012

Anime Fusion

Exciting news!  This weekend I will be at my very first con selling my goods!  The convention is called Anime Fusion and is in the Twin Cities.  Come check me out if you are in the area!

Also, current Jake progress:


October 17, 2012

Update Explosion!!

It's been a while!  I had a bit of a knitting slump in August, and then I have just been a bit lazy about knitting and posting things.  So here is a mega update!

First off, I finished a beautiful shawl.  The pattern is called Cladonia, and I decided to take this project on after seeing one of my knitting friends make it as well.  This is the first project that I have successfully blocked and I absolutely love it!  It's a great weight for fall.


(I apologize for the bad quality of this picture)
I also whipped up two hats from the book "Weekend Hats".  And because it's my favorite color, they are both green!  The beret is made with hand dyed yarn.

I didn't use quite the right type of yarn for this project, so the hat ended up a little floppy.

I made some hand warmers which have been wonderful for the cooler days.  They don't match but I think that gives them spunk. 

Last but not least, my mother requested this as a gift for a friend of hers.  It's very free hand and I didn't bother writing down the pattern as I went.  Anyways! I give you Gunter:

And along the lines of Adventure Time projects, no, I have not yet finished Jake the Dog.  I have been really lazy about that project...I will hopefully get to is soon. :)