March 28, 2012

Steam it up!

I finally finished the shirt for my steampunk outfit! This is probably the best job I have done when it comes to sewing. There is only one real big mistake, and you cant see it.

The end of the sleeve.

I learned to use the sewing machine to make button holes! It's very handy.

I am going to a convention this next weekend and will get pictures of me in the whole get up then. I will post it soon!

I also did some leather work and spiffed up the bands on my steampunk goggles. It used to be black and blue elastic, but now it looks way better. Took pics of it on my boyfriends pop up top hat. I usually just wear these on my head.

Also, cool news! My blog has now had over 11,ooo views! Most of them are views of my Beartato and Reginald patterns from Ravelry and Crochet Patterns Central. It makes me feel cool!

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