February 29, 2012

Once upon a time....

I told my self that I would never crochet crap loads of hexagons ever again. That was a lie.

Catan blanket round 2!

February 28, 2012

Tree Trunks

One of my favorite math professors recently had a baby girl, so I decided to make a stuffed creature for her!

I found this stuffed elephant pattern in a toy pattern book that I got from my friend Gaby. The original pattern called for the elephant to be elephant colored, but I though that was boring so I decided to go with green instead. :)
Half way though, I realized that this elephant would end up looking quite a lot like Tree Trunks from Adventure Time, so that became this elephants name.

Both my professor and her husband have told me that this is the best present that their month old baby has yet received, which is super awesome!

Ocean Shawl

So, I started working on this in mid January and finished it up just around Valentines day. For this project I used the Malagash Square Shawl pattern and improvised a bit.

This pattern called for yarn with weight 2, and I have learned that stores don't really like to sell yarn with weight two. I went to Joann Fabrics, which has a pretty big selection and could find only a few yarns of weight 2. :( Anyways, I ended up getting yarn of weight 3. I found a brand that seemed to be thinner than the others of the same weight and went with that.

I also really like stripes, so decided to spice this pattern up a bit with more colors. I am really pleased with how it turned out. It is very comfy and is great to throw on if you are feeling a little chilly.