June 2, 2011


I'm back! Due to a combination of it being the last month of school and a knitting slump, I have not posted for quite some time. But now it is summer and I have much more free time than I used to! So hopefully posts will continue more regularly.

So...since I didn't do much, I don't actually have than many projects to post. I made a headband:
and some gauntlets for my very loosely based link costume:
I also finally took pictures of my striped cowl that I will be selling on Etsy.
So yes. Updated! Currently working on another crocheted twenty sided die. Hopefully will be done with that in a weekish. Have not been working on my leggings...they are boring to work on...will finish them eventually... Also maybe lost the notes I took when making Beartato? :( Hopefully I will find them soon so I can type up the pattern.

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