April 7, 2013

Cabled Creature

 Been kicking around the ideas for a guy like this for a while.  You always see cables on scarves, sweaters, and mittens, but rarely on stuffed toys.  Though it was a nice twist. :)


  1. Cute cabled creature! If you sold his pattern on Ravelry I'd want to make three. So they'd have their own community.
    My daughter bought Calcifer this weekend at Anime Detour and just LOVES him. He turned out so cute!!

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately I didn't keep track of the pattern for this while I was making it. I could give you a pattern from the best of my memory if you would like. It would definitely involve some improvisation, but you could probably make something really close. Just let me know.
      And I am extremely glad that Calcifer has found a good home! That's awesome. :)

  2. I would an opportunity to make a cabled guy! And I'd be more than willing to pay an 'adoption fee' for the pattern. Are you set up on PayPal?

    My email address for the pattern (I don't mind if the pattern is a little rough around the edges) n758zc@gmail.com

    Thank you!