May 9, 2012

New Job and New Projects

I'm starting my new "real world" job this next Monday.  This has positives and negatives to it:
Positive: More money = more yarn.
Negative:  Less time to actually knit
So, there may be a decrease in the number of projects finished per month now. :(

Speaking of projects, I am currently super into octopi!  I keep making little stuffed octopi...


And am finishing up my intarsia octopus hat (I am not looking forward to sewing in all the loose ends O.o).  After that I have plans to make a stuffed Narwhal, and then perhaps a Kraken from the same book I got the stuffed octopus pattern from.  Stay tuned!

1 comment:

  1. I am in the very same situation! Real jobs steal so much time from knitting...

    Love the octopi too, super cute.