September 14, 2010

Stuff in Progress

I just recently finished a project whose pattern I came up with on my own. I made a stuffed toy Reginald from the comic Nedroid. I am very pleased with the results! He turned out great!

I am working on typing up the pattern for him, which will be posted here later. In doing this I have discovered just how tedious and boring writing up a pattern is. You repeat so many things and then there is so much else to include besides telling people where to increase and decrease. Blech. Luckily it is something that can be done while watching a show (my show of choice has been Doctor Who).
I will hopefully be posting the finished pattern soon!

In the meantime, I decided to whip up a red little mario mushroom (I'm about 70% done at the moment). I was initially hoping to turn this into some sort of key chain, but it is a little too big. So it will probably turn into a desk critter instead. I will have to find something else cute to turn into a key chain.

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