October 17, 2012

Update Explosion!!

It's been a while!  I had a bit of a knitting slump in August, and then I have just been a bit lazy about knitting and posting things.  So here is a mega update!

First off, I finished a beautiful shawl.  The pattern is called Cladonia, and I decided to take this project on after seeing one of my knitting friends make it as well.  This is the first project that I have successfully blocked and I absolutely love it!  It's a great weight for fall.


(I apologize for the bad quality of this picture)
I also whipped up two hats from the book "Weekend Hats".  And because it's my favorite color, they are both green!  The beret is made with hand dyed yarn.

I didn't use quite the right type of yarn for this project, so the hat ended up a little floppy.

I made some hand warmers which have been wonderful for the cooler days.  They don't match but I think that gives them spunk. 

Last but not least, my mother requested this as a gift for a friend of hers.  It's very free hand and I didn't bother writing down the pattern as I went.  Anyways! I give you Gunter:

And along the lines of Adventure Time projects, no, I have not yet finished Jake the Dog.  I have been really lazy about that project...I will hopefully get to is soon. :)

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  1. Love the green beret! It's so pretty, and I like the way the colour is subtly variegated.

    Also a lovely Cladonia. You beat me to blocking it though, I've been wearing it for over a year without doing so! I keep meaning to, now that I've got proper blocking boards and pins...