June 10, 2012


Narwhal complete!  I had originally planned for my narwhal to be a little longer and thinner, but it wasn't until I was about halfway down the tail that I realized that he was going to be pretty short and fat.  I didn't want to pull out my work, so I went with it.  I showed the finished body to my boyfriend, and he ended up dubbing it a "Narball", which was very appropriate!  (I also hummed this very appropriately themed song all week while I was making this).  Ultimately, the narball ended up being quite cute, even if his body is a little out of the ordinary.

I also made another Katamari!  I finished it in about a day!  Weekends are awesome!

La laaaaaa

la la la la la la la

Katamari Damacy

doo doo doo!


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