December 23, 2010

Finished Ornaments

Well, after a few days of crafting, I have finished all of my ornaments for my boyfriends family. Here is the finished Krampus:


and back:

And here are the three kittens:

And some snowflakes. The larger one can double as a coaster!

Also, making bread is like crafting but with flour right? So, I proudly present my first ever bread experiment!! It's cinnamon bread, also for the BF's family.

I have yet to see one cracked open! I hope they are all cooked in the middle...otherwise that would be bad news bears.

Anyways, enough of the crafting for others. I have been working on something for myself recently. I am working on a super cute cabled sweater! I have chosen to do it in a gray and I am almost done with the back piece. Hopefully I will have it done in a week or two!

Anyways, this is probably the last post before the 25th, so Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and all that jazz!

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